The Hilton hotel chain will open its doors with our iPhone

Let’s imagine that we arrive one day from a trip to the hotel, we are tremendously tired due to the trip and there is a queue to check into the hotel and receive the key to our room. Perhaps it is not a situation that happens to us very often but I assure you that when it happens, it becomes a rather tedious and desperate situation. These waits may come to an end soon as Hilton Hotels will be able to open their doors with our iPhone.

Currently, the iOS application of this well-known hotel chain already allows electronic check-in, but we still have to pick up the key to our room at reception. The Hilton chain will be one of the first chains (although there are already hotels doing so, all said and done) to install Bluetooth locks compatible with iPhone.

This new feature will almost certainly be based on Homekit of iOS 8, as the chain has said that it will finish installing the system in all its hotels by the end of 2016, a more than reasonable date if we take into account when iOS 8 will come out and the size of the Hilton hotel chain.

So for two years from now if we stay in one of these hotels all we have to do is take out our iPhone, register, go to the room that tells us the application and open it with our iPhone 6 (or 6S for that one, who knows) without major problems. However, if we want someone to take us the suitcases we will have to pass yes or yes by reception.