“Hey Siri, open the door”, August lock integrates into HomeKit

The irruption of products compatible with the Home Kit continues without losing intensity and the last to go on sale is the August connected lock. It is actually the second version of this product and with this integration has boosted its possibilities. Until now, the lock only interacted with the user through the application, but now it opens up a universe of possibilities.

The basic advantage of using products compatible with HomeKit is undoubtedly the automation of processes, which can be executed practically without intervention by the user. What are the advantages of this automation in a lock? August’s team shows us.

Doors that open and close on their own

August remains an electronic lock with a motor that locks the door without mechanical intervention by the user. This smart lock model is still connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, but now allows automated processes to be created thanks to Apple’s home automation platform. Thus, for example, we can program the lock to lock when we leave home, or open automatically when we approach it.

The integration with Home Kit also allows Siri to be incorporated into the scheme, so that we can open the door in a loud voice. August can be included in any of the scenes programmed in Home Kit, so that we can say “good night” and the system turns off the lights, activates the alarm, and now also closes the door. The bad news is that this version, like its predecessor, is currently only sold in the U.S. and Canada and does so at a price of $229, and can be completed with more brand accessories.