GlowWorm, internet security tool

We already know that Mac OS is one of the most secure operating systems out there. However, we may want to be certain that we really do have insurmountable shielding. For that there are some security programs, firewalls, antivirus, etc. that, although generally not necessary, under certain conditions can be useful.

One of these programs is GlowWorm. It works by restricting Internet access to those programs that we indicate, or by configuring our browser so that it can only access certain urls. Different rules can be applied to each user account of the mac, so we can be useful to control the access of our children to the network, for example.

Another interesting thing to avoid is that some applications “call home”. When it detects a connection that has not been previously authorized, GlowWorm displays a notification window with blocking or permission options.

It looks a bit like LittleSnitch, but with a lot more configuration options and more information for the user.

The Lite version is free but requires registration, while the full version costs $29.95.