Door bells disappear from the list of Home Kit accessories

Door bells are one of many Home Kit accessory categories that manufacturers can create. Or rather it was, because in the last few hours it has disappeared from the list in which we have categories such as lights, plugs, thermostats, doors, loudspeakers or cameras. A temporary or definitive elimination?

The truth is that we haven’t had any HomeKit doorbells available so far either. We saw a demo in the HomeKit presentation, but until now no manufacturer had launched their own doorbell integrated with HomeKit. August Doorbell Cam appeared to be available “soon” as 9to5mac has been noticed, but now it has completely disappeared from the Apple website.

The Home Kit accessory that resists

In the last few months, different types of Home Kit accessories have proliferated. Apple has in fact tried to speed up the process of obtaining a Home Kit certificate from manufacturers. However, one type of accessory that can’t get through is the doorbell. Probably due to the difficulty of making them at the moment, Apple has decided to eliminate the category.

As we saw during the Home Kit presentation keynote, the door bells integrated with Apple’s intelligent home automation system work in the following way. When someone knocks on the door, a notification appears on the iPhone or iPad with a live video streamed from the doorbell camera. From that same notification, we can open the door or deny access. In other words, it’s a combination of a Home Kit lock and a HomeKit camera.

One possible reason for this is user privacy. Ringtones connected to the mobile already exist, and in fact Amazon was recently made with Ring, one of the leading companies in this sector. But these ringers can also cause serious privacy problems, as has already happened. Apple may be looking for ways to avoid such situations. We’ll see if this category reappears in the HomeKit accessories list in the near future. Although for the moment, there is no official response either from Apple, or from the manufacturers who have tried to make these bells.