Apple hires a former Microsoft executive to boost its domotics area

HomeKit was the beginning of everything and over the years Apple has not stopped boosting its presence in connected/intelligent homes. AirPlay 2 for streaming content between home devices, the HomePod as the central speaker and house assistant, Apple TV as the multimedia center… And it seems that there are still many more plans.

As CNBC has discovered, Apple has signed Sam Jadallah. This employee previously worked at Microsoft and before that was the CEO of a company called Otto, responsible for making smart locks and connected to the smartphone. He now works at Apple, specifically in its Home department.

An ecosystem beyond the mobile and the computer
Until a few years ago what we understood as Apple’s ecosystem was the integration between the iPhone and the Mac. This, however, has changed over the years, taking up more and more space and devices. The Mac ceased to be the center of the entire ecosystem to give way to iCloud and our Apple ID. From there it’s a matter of expanding.

More and more devices can be connected to our iPhone and consequently to our Apple ID. The Apple Watch, the HomePod, the iPad, the HomeKit accessories… And above all, new services such as Apple Music or others to come, services that further dilute the line that separates Apple’s ecosystem from the rest.

The hiring of Sam Jadallah is relevant not for the fact of having been hired, but for the bet of improving the home and connecting it even more with Apple devices. We will see what the company prepares in the medium term, I would first bet on a stronger impulse in HomeKit and the category of accessories it has.